System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2000
- All supported cameras.
  • Windows XP
- All supported cameras.
  • Windows Vista
- Olympus "Rye" cameras only!
  • Windows 7
- Olympus "Rye" cameras only! You have to run Cam2Com in "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" compatibility mode.

To run Cam2Com in Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode, navigate to Cam2ComM.exe; usually it is installed in C:\Program Files\Sabsik\Cam2Com. On 64 bit computers it is installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sabsik\Cam2Com. Right click on the file and select Properties. Within Properties dialog, select tab Compatibility. Within that tab set checkmark on Run this program in compatibility mode for: and select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)


Pretty much any computer that can run the above operating systems and has a USB port.

There are no strict requirements for the speed of the processor, the amount of RAM, or the disk space, but working with pictures takes considerable computer recourses so the more you have the better.

Cam2Com has been successfully used on Pentium 2 computers with 64MB RAM and 4 GB hard drives, however the more the better.

Installation of Cam2Com takes less then 6.4 MB on the hard drive; the rest are the pictures.

NOTE: Serial ports are not supported by Cam2Com even though some cameras have them and they can be used to download pictures outside Cam2Com.

There were reports of successful using Cam2Com when running Windows emulation on MAC computers.